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Tencel is a cellulosic fibre made from wood pulp, normally eucalyptus. Made from natural wood fibers that are sustainably harvested, requires less water than other fabrics, uses a closed loop system that recycles solvents, and is biodegradable. Known for its breathable, soft and lightweight properties, tencel is a material that is easy to care for, making it the most sought after eco-friendly fabric that feels luxurious on your skin. As of today, Chapters is using a mixture of 75% Tencel ; 25% Linen material to make your clothes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to live in and care for. This fabric is sturdy and will definitely stand the test of time. It's an excellent medium weight that wears well though all seasons, has a clean finish, and feels super soft on the skin. We are currently using end of roll cotton fabric bought from a local fabric warehouse.  Our cotton is best for its structural hand feel and the versatility of transforming into a variety of selective pieces.                                                                                                                                                           
Linen, known for its breathable fibre exudes its utmost elegance that requires no complexity in design. It wants to be simple, it wants to stand out. Lignan, a natural resin found in linen fiber, helps prevent bacterial growth and keep linen odor free. The linen fibers are hollow, making them excellent fabrics for moving moisture and air. They feel cool in the summer and retain warm air in the winter. This fabric ages beautifully. In time, comfort revolves around you.