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Roleplay Series | Clothes that MOVES

The imperative motion of struggling in our daily clothes has earned its grand title yet again, in approving that every woman in the world should be dressed in a bodycon polyester dress while we work. Especially in the corporate field, or perhaps I didn't notice enough. 

For our first clothes roleplay series, we dig deep into one of the multiple caps that clothes have to put on -The role of motion, clothes that moves along with us as we move with it. Clothes that we work in, dance in , have fun in, cuddle in, go to meetings in. We explore the relationship between simple clothes that are made beautifully and how it affects our daily tasks. 

The conversation will always come down the type of fabric that we allow our skin to breathe in. Cotton? Viscose ? Polyester? The most common fleet of ships that we see sailing on every piece of fast-fashion garment. I took the test myself to see if clothes actually affects our way of life. I tried on a buttoned shirt made of polyester and given under this tropical weather, my sweat doesn't go hand in hand with the material. It wouldn't absorb sweat least to say, throughout my entire day I tried to hid myself from visibility because I knew I smell. Sad but true.

I put on this black tencel blouse the second day just to go on about cutting and making patterns on the floor. With this in mind, I wanted clothes that doesn't require women to wear bras. Yes, that little corseted thing that wants to hang itself over our chest, the one that causes chest pains and restricts maximum breathing. I felt really free like this wearing something like that. I was really surprised by its breathable properties and how 'cooling' it felt to wear tencel. 

So shouldn't all clothes be like this? 


Clothes that moves, clothes that we would literally move ourselves in.