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Here's to you, Plastics.

Nono, not these bunch of plastics.

What I meant was actual plastics in packaging. You know, the one that pretentiously '' tags '' along with your desired product.

While other materials are having a civil war arguing about its potential replacement, plastics ticked every job scope given, which includes the highly receptive role of product protection. Because I wouldn't want my product to be damaged when it arrives. It is cheap, resistant, easy to handle, and even easier to throw it away. Kudos to you, dear Plastics. 

HOWEVER, it is not environmentally friendly, especially when every piece is packaged with it. For this I shall salute my entire head shakes to its reputation of not passing the sustainability test. Most recent highlights includes Eleanor Pendleton, of Gritty Pretty - an online interactive magazine that is dedicated to beauty products - photographing a massive bulk of unused paper packaging that comes with the products given to her. Judging from the hoard that was posted a while ago on her Insta stories, we question the necessity of creating the familiar customer experience through More is More, and what to do when you don't know what to do with it. Thank you for calling that out. 

Question is, what do we do apart from signing petitions and spamming letters to spark the legislation to authorise its ban ?

Makers make. 

Despite my goal of achieving a minimalist wardrobe, truth to be told I don't think I can at the moment, given the fact that I'm always ordering (and reordering) fabric. Still, being a world-class fabric hoarder has its own perks when it comes to repurposing your life. Sorry :) I mean to say fabric. 

Chapters' product packaging bags are specially upcycled from used calico fabric that we use for sampling our products before we make the first batch. Other fabrics like velvet, bridal satins and cotton pieces are remnant fabrics from other projects that we did once in a blue moon. It was an overall hoard of unwanted pieces. We really loved how it all turned out - do you ?

REPURPOSE drawstring bags product packaging of chapters clothing sustainable clothing label for the effortless minimalist

And you guys, with every purchase, it comes with a one and only drawstring bag. Yes? YAS. Unfortunately we can't really put our feet down to cut the same material / sizes like our clothes, given its limited feature. Each piece is hand cut individually and made with abundance of love, that I can assure you. 

Before drawing that propaganda banner, it's time to put that down first. This post is not meant to outright slander plastics. It has its own charms too, and it does bring a little bit of nostalgic memorabilia to it. Remember that Tapperware tumbler we use to carry around in primary school ? It's made of plastic, and we loved it right. A lot of initiatives are also playing their role in managing plastic waste. Clueless? Try googling Precious Plastics, it's mind-blowing. 

and HEY woman you must spend pretty long to write all these content at one go.

Well yes and no. Usually I'd start with a real good title ( self-praising mode) , and then the content follow suit which is whatever I feel like writing. It's like make-up, today you want to contour, tomorrow you want to highlight the hell out of your cheekbones. 

To be honest this journal is suppose to be in a seemingly disgusted tone. Then again I cannot be - that would be equivalent to saying, buses must not bus around, humans should not be using electricity and we should ban our palettes from ever tasting meat. 

Impossible. If and only if, there is another replacement that is better than the current selection that is served to us.