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Chapter 1 | A Sculpture of Essential Pieces

By using Ikea furnitures and other miscellaneous objects that were once abandoned by the routine of everyday consumption, it did not occur to me that it can actually work. It was after a really long day waiting and photographing my friend that during the golden hours this is the last thing I'll do before I call it a day. It wasn't perfect I admit, I could never convey it the way I want it to - time for a photographer and a studio yes? 

This display was one of the main idea for Canvas, Chapter 1, the physical foundation for all artist before he paints. It needed to be very basic and simple, like the concept. Hence the muted colours, with a tinge of excitement - note my facial expression right now. All I want is to display simple clothes on simple furnitures. Pieces that we love and how it looks when it loves us back a little too much. I mean, art is about individual perspective too? I really wanted people to take notice and slow their paces down a bit to simple just check things out. We don't that much anymore do we. 

I noticed a lot of things on very basic clothes because it is not too busy. Sometimes I think the simplest clothes are actually the most difficult to make. Everything is visible, every stitch, every crease, every shape. I'm particularly in love with clothes that floats on the body gracefully. You know you're comfortable in it, you feel good in it. Clothes are meant to be that way. To feel good in them, and the simplest ones makes ourselves stand out from the rest. Simple clothes are approachable, classy, sincere, relatable and all the other words I can think of in the wee hours of midnight. All the words except for mediocre. I would never go there about well made clothes, even the process of making it is art itself. It's beautiful to me I think.  

I have to admit that this was thought in a whim before we let the house go, for experimentation and display purposes. Here's a few pictures of me trying. 

ikea furniture fashion sculpture building